The design and manufacturing process for all our furniture, accessories and glassware has remained the same since our very first piece, the Periodic Table. We design for ourselves and then find the best materials and the finest craftsmen and women to make it. The most time consuming exercise has always been selecting and then building a working relationship with the fantastic craftsmen of Great Britain. Our products are made the length and breadth of Britain, as the map shows.

We have always chosen our next products based on what it is that we really want to own, but can’t find anywhere else. They are designed by us at our headquarters in Saffron Walden and go through weeks of fine tuning and tweaking before working models and prototypes are made. We then work very closely with our relevant workshops to create the final pieces whilst simultaneously creating the perfect packaging for the final products.

We regularly travel the country visiting the various sites and finding exciting new people to work with to create the products in development.


The process of creating mouth blown, hand cut crystal glassware epitomises the essence of Higgs & Crick – many skilled people, taking time to produce the very best. In order to produce the best, there can be no compromise. Each glass needs 9 different processes and takes skilled craftsmen and women over 2 weeks to create.

The cutting alone can take many hours for each glass and any mistake could mean days of wasted effort – that’s why it is such a skilled craft carried out by only but a few remaining people in this country.

People who understand and appreciate the intricacies of creating the finest whiskies and spirits in the world will also appreciate what it means to drink from the finest glass.

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