Higgs & Crick has three main principals pinned to our office wall which infuse everything we produce:

  • To design and produce the highest quality furniture, glassware and accessories in the United Kingdom.
  • To operate with honesty and integrity in how we make things and how we sell things.
  • Everything we conceive and produce should have the most ambitious aesthetic quality as well as an original and stimulating story behind its conception.

Each piece has been designed by us in our Saffron Walden headquarters and then handmade by the best craftspeople in workshops around Great Britain.

We are very proud of what we do and care about what you think of your Higgs & Crick piece. We hope to exceed your expectations in the products we sell and the service you receive and strive to achieve the highest standards in everything we do.

We are certain you will enjoy the experience of buying and owning a Higgs & Crick piece and are confident that each piece can be shared with generations to come.

William and Benjamin Hartley, Higgs & Crick Co-Founders

Our premiere collection of furniture, glassware and accessories has been inspired by the world’s greatest thinkers, writers, scientists and philosophers. Every Higgs & Crick product has been meticulously designed to stand up on its own aesthetic merits but also to work as a cohesive, curated selection of lifestyle pieces.

The lines of the bookcase are inspired by the initials of Allen Lane, the founder of Penguin Books, our iconic Wingback Chair is an homage of the preferred thinking place of Bertrand Russell one of Britain’s greatest Philosophers and our Kingston tumbler is designed to hold the perfect measures of one of Hemingway’s favourite tipples, Gin & Tonic.

Our celebrated Periodic Table has sold all over the world and has come to define our ‘thinker’s’ ethos. It sits squarely in the amorphous boundary between Art, Design and Science. Consider the fact that every piece of design, every product, every piece of art, indeed every designer is made from a few varying combinations of elements in the Periodic Table.

Why Higgs & Crick?


Our brand has two sides. For every Butch Cassidy, there is a Sundance Kid, and for every Dr Jeckel, there is a Mr Hyde. We wanted the brand to represent the dichotomy of what it is to be a man – on the one hand everybody loves a solid, upstanding and dependable gentleman, yet on the other everybody longs for a loveable rogue; an exciting and unpredictable cad. All our pieces are designed to have these multiple sides – the leatherware with its flamboyant, interior fabric, and our chairs with their subtle and hidden design features, paying homage to Ben’s aviation past. We needed a brand name that formed two ‘characters’ each representing something of the characteristics of its founders.

The Higgs & Crick name was ultimately formed by chance. Having tried to secure various combinations of the surname ‘Hartley’, we realised we would find it hard to use the family name. Undeterred by this, we set about choosing a name that would suitably represent the two sides of the brand, the Benjamin to its William. After much deliberating over names with the right sonic representation, but with nothing agreed between either brother, we both delved into our respective pasts as the starting block for a name. Ben used old pilots flying log records from his time as a Royal Navy helicopter pilot, and Will paced the Cambridge colleges for inspiration. The first somewhat randomly selected names they came back with were of course Crick and Higgs. When they realised each name was also that of a great scientist, it seemed fate had lent a hand, and Higgs & Crick was born.


William Hartley

Will Hartley was born in Nairobi and grew up in Kenya, Mexico, Turkey and the UK. He studied Film and Photography at The University of Plymouth and worked on several independent films before starting a brief and rewarding career at the BBC. Leaving London in 2005 he set up his first business and sold it 18 months later to settle down and start a family.

In 2008 and with 3 children at home Will left The University of Cambridge with QTS to start teaching Kindergarten and Philosophy to Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils at the prestigious and world renowned Stephen Perse Foundation. During 6 very successful years of teaching Will had the opportunity to acquire and renovate a midcentury house of significant importance in Saffron Walden and, in attempting to sympathetically furnish it, struggled to find a UK interior company up to the job. Rather than shop abroad he embarked on a third chapter of his life, that of setting up Higgs and Crick with his brother Ben.

Ben Hartley Higgs and Crick

Benjamin Hartley

Benjamin was raised in Morocco, Kenya and Mexico and gained his degree studying at Plymouth University and The of University North Dakota, USA. After working as a recruitment consultant he returned to academia to gain his PG Dip Music Production at university in Wales before a 90 degree career turn saw him join the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot. During an exciting Naval flying career he spent a short period in Naval Recruiting and Marketing, working on a number of commercials and national marketing campaigns; this expanded his personal interest in film and media.

After finishing his commission, Ben left to set up a successful company providing military extras, advisors and equipment to major Hollywood film productions shooting in the UK, working on films staring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Kevin Coster to name a few. With extra staff taking much of the day to day running on productions, he was able to set up Higgs & Crick with his brother Will.

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