Brand Assets

Brand Guidelines

When using the assets you see on this page, we ask that you keep just a few things in mind …

  • Please do not use the word ‘and’ in place of the ‘&’ when writing the brand name Higgs & Crick.
  • Don’t modify our logos, icons, or graphics in any way without our written permission. This includes distorting/stretching the logos.
  • Refrain from using our logos as your own identity, or for your own branding purposes (print or web-based), unless as part of an agreed collaboration.
  • Please do not use our logos or icons in a way that may confuse someone that your product or service is made, run, or endorsed by Higgs & Crick.
  • Never remove ‘England’ from the logo as this is part of our mark.

Thank you!

The official Higgs & Crick logos can be downloaded via the button.

All of these files are in PNG format, with transparent backgrounds (click each image to open it in a new tab), or in EPS vector files.

Brand Colours and Fonts

These are the Hex codes of the official Higgs & Crick brand colours.

Open Sans

We use Open Sans typeface

Alternatives are Source Sans and Helvetiva.